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Friends, families and Fun – Join the UK’s biggest Re-enactment Society today!

What are you doing this weekend?
Join us and be part of 380 years of history!

The Sealed Knot Society has hosted thousands of spectacular events educating millions of people and also raising money towards many Charitable Organizations over the past 50 years, and we want you to join us.

Whether you’re interested in joining for the history, the camaraderie or for just spending time in some of the country’s most spectacular locations, you’ll always be assured a warm welcome by our thousands of members from across the UK!

When you join the Regiment you will do so either as a Pikeman, Musketeer, Drummer, or the Regimental Living History group. Just because you join up as, say, a Pikeman, does not mean that you cannot try your hand at the other arms. We would recommend that you have a go at everything.

For your 1st event Suitable 17th Century clothing is available, free of charge to new members while they equip themselves.

2024 Membership Fees

In 2024 the membership for the year is £65 for a family and £45 for an individual. Dependant children are included in either option

There are also temporary or half year options available – follow the link above for more details

You can join online at

(Select Earl Rivers Regiment)

As a Member of the Sealed Knot:

  • You will receive the Society magazine “Orders of the Daye” in which there is information about forthcoming events, debate on current topics under discussion within the society and articles about a variety of topics relating to C17th life and
  • You will receive a Membership card, which you will need to carry with you at all times at Sealed Knot events.
  • There are various social media groups in Facebook and WhatsApp that you will be able to join, where you can find details of upcoming events and lots of other relevant information.

If you have any membership queries or special needs or need to send your membership correspondence, please direct it through the Regimental CO.