Battlefield Questions

Q: Are all battles based on real battles that happened?

A: No. Unfortunately they’re not. When we do get to re enact on an actual battle ground then we try to keep as close to the original battle through our ‘script‘.
Most battles are scripted to the best use of the ground we’ve been given to do battle and will demonstrate a typical battle.
The problem we have is we don’t even have enough cavalry to do a historically accurate battle.

Q: How do you know what’s going on, and who’s won?

A: A script is written by the host Regiment and finalised by the senior commanders of the day. Officers are briefed before the battle and so the regiment know where they are in the scheme of things. Some things can change during a battle and so its best to keep an eye on their chain of command so they know what’s going on.
If we’re not following a historical event then we try and be fair and have each side win each day.

Q: How do you know when you’re dead?

A: ‘You’ll know when your dead!’
Normally there are no instructions for the death of any re enactor unless a script is demanding it.
Rule of thumb is that if you die within the first part of the battle you are recycled by your Regiment during Parley to fight again.
In the second half however if casualties are needed then it’s the case of your down, your out. The only unfortunate place to die is right in front of the crowd line in the first part, in which case you need to stay down until the end of the battle.
Most members will use their common sense when its time to keel over. But don’t let it worry you in your first few battles.
Q: Is there 1st Aid Cover?
A: Yes, The Sealed Knot Medical Service (SKMS) provide full first aid cover for Sealed Knot members whilst they are at events. Made up of both professionals and volunteers, the SKMS can be seen on a Sealed Knot battlefield wearing their distinctive black tabards with a white cross. They all hold a relevant medical qualification, be it as simple as a current First Aid at Work certificate.
Q: How can I tell one regiment from another?
A: Each regiments has their coat colours, and its own individual standard (flag) which has as its own design and colour. You can also use the Sealed Knots quick coat and colour guide for a posative identification.