Choosing a role.

First talk to those members you meet. They will give you a ‘feel’ for most of the roles. Many require a lot of stamina; for most there is a lot of standing around as well as periods of intense activity. The roles of pikeman and musketeer are the most physically demanding. Musketeers will eventually have to buy their own musket and must acquire the appropriate licences from their local police.

To be a drummer you do not need any musical ability, but you will probably be expected to buy your own drum eventually. Artillery crews usually operate on the periphery of the battle action; this role may not suit you if you prefer to be part of ‘the big scene’. To be a water carrier or a member of the baggage train might suit those who are less able or willing to take part in the more ‘physical’ side of battling, but still wish to be on the battlefield.

Children even as young as three can take part in pre-battle displays, and these are opportunities for the parents of younger children to play a brief part. New members not wishing to take part in battles may join the Living History Group as merchants, tradesmen or in another appropriate role.