Terms of the surrender of Donnington Castle

Articles agreed upon, Monday, the 30th March 1646, for the surrender of Donnington Castle.

1, it is agreed upon, that Sir John Boys, Knight, Governor of Donnington castle aforesaid, shall march according to the Articles issuing agreed upon (that is to say) upon Wednesday morning next, being the first day of April, by 6 of the clock, the Governor with all his officers, Gentlemen, and soldiers, are then to march out with colours flying and Drums beating, the Governor with 4 horses and arms, and every Field Officer with 2, and every Captain 1, the Lieutenant-colonel of horse with 2 horses and arms, and the other officers and reformado officers of horse with 1 horse and arms apiece, 100 of the foot soldiers to march with their arms two miles, and the rest to march without, towards Wallingford, and then 50 to lay down their arms, and the other 50 to march Colours flying, drums beating, light matches, bullets in their mouth, and bandoliers Filled with powder.

2, That if any officer or soldier in this garrison hath been in the Parliament service, shall receive the equal benefit comprised in these articles.

3, That what officer or soldier late of this garrison, shall desire to go beyond the sea, shall have a Pass to go to London, or to what place they desire, within the Parliaments quarters to procure the same accordingly.

4, That all Officers and Soldiers, late of this garrison who desire to go to their own Mansions or place of residence and several dwellings, have a free Pass to do so, without being molested or pressed to any oath, provided that they he engaged never to take up arms against the Parliament.

5, That there shall be a safe conduct granted to WalIingford accordingly.

6, That there shall be two carts with teams, provided by the time appointed, the one to carry Sir John Boys baggage, the other to carry the Officers.

7, That the Governor, Officers and Soldiers, late of Donnington Castle aforesaid, shall at the time deliver up the Castle aforesaid to Colonel Dulbier for the use of the Parliament, with all the Ordnance, Arms, Ammunition, and Provision theirin (except what is before expressed), without embezzling the arms or ammunition, or demolishing the works.

8, That the prisoners now in Donnington Castle shall upon signing of these articles be delivered forth and set at liberty.

9, That the wounded soldiers of the Castle shall have liberty to be left in Newbury or elsewhere the Governor pleases, and to have present passes, that after their recovery they may go to their several mansions or dwellings without interruption or molestation.

Colonel Martin
Major Rynes for Colonel Dulbier
Major Collingwood

Captain Osborn for Sir John Boys
Captain Gregory