Making Authentic Biscuit and Bread for your Snapsack

English BiscuitsEnglish biscuits
4oz of flour
2oz sugar
2 egg yolks
1 egg white
0.25oz of ground fennel coriander and carroway seedMethod:
beat eggs for approx 15 min’s
beat in flour, sugar and spices.
Cook at about 120 C until risen but still pale and then reduce heat and cook for another 15 minutes.
Princes BiscuitsPrinces biscuits
4oz flour
4oz sugar
0.25 oz of aniseed (fennel works as well)
1 egg yolkMethod:
Bet eggs, sugar and flour to death
add aniseed and bake in hot oven ( about 200C)
Manchet BreadManchet Bread
500g of flour (cheaper versions would have been cut with Corn or barley flour)
1 teaspn Salt
250ml warm water
15g Yeast
1tblespoon sugarMethod:
Add yeast and sugar to a little warm water until the yeast froths
Pour into flour/salt and mix with rest of water
Knead for 10 mins and leave to rise for approx 11/2 hrs
Knock back and knead for another 5 mins.
Makes 4 large rolls
Leave to rise for another 1/ hr and bake at 230 celcius for 15-20 mins