DrummerDrumming is a very honourable and rewarding role; you are the focal point of the regiment when marching, keeping up the morale on marches and ensuring that manoeuvres are done to exact timing. You do not necessarily need to be musical – the beats are easy to learn, and full training will be given. Although the drummer’s role is non- combatant, during battles they are situated behind the pike & musket blocks to beat encouragement and convey atmosphere, so you experience the tension and excitement of the battle as much as anyone else.
Many regiments have special uniforms for their drum corps, which are distinctive and reflect the importance of the drummer’s role and the regiment’s image. These uniforms will have to be made especially. Some regiments provide a limited number of drums for their members, but most end up buying theirs to ensure they always have an instrument to play.
Below is a breakdown on the equipment worn or carried and the approximate costs involved. Please keep in mind that some items will cost less if, under direction, a new member shops around, and that some items can be supplied or purchased through the Regiment direct.

Sample Marching Music

Fifer Marching Music

Drum Marching Music