Q: Can I bring pets?

A: We are a pet friendly Society. As long as the animal is looked after responsibly.
On the rare occasion there are restrictions on dogs for the campsites, but these notes are published well before the event. Also on some occasions we can camp near the battlefield so if you have a nervous animal please keep that in mind, it’s a holiday for them too.
Also in our Regiment there is normally someone quite happy to keep an eye on your dog while your on the battlefield if you feel you can’t leave them alone. (My daughter is quite happy to dog sit for the price of an ice cream.)
If you happen to own a horse and wish to make a star out of it by becoming part of the cavalry there are strict rules regarding this and you will need to consult first. Various tests must be taken before riding onto the battlefield.

Q: Where do you sleep?

A: Camping space is always allocated by the organisers. They are private to the Sealed Knot for the duration of the camping needed ,so members of the public are not allowed in. You show your membership card at the gate before being allowed in.
You will need to bring camping gear such as tent, sleeping bag, airbed, cooking items, washing kit and so on.
Caravans are welcome.
There is normally food traders on the camping site, but its easier to have a few essentials on you as they are not open 24/7. There is always directions to the nearest convenient store or supermarket and yes, people do go shopping in kit.